Sellers- Do you want to sell your home or not?

Sellers - Do you want to sell your home or not?

I haven't written in a while but this subject has been driving me crazy for quite a while. OK - here we go!

Sellers, do you know what it takes for the Buyer's agent to set up a weekend of showings for a client ?

We agents search through sometimes hundreds of listings to dial down the best choices for our client based on their desires, compile that list  set up a showing schedule geographically and  design it to not overwhelm the client, and  try to figure out how much time the client will want to spend in each home to make sure the day flows properly. 

Not so tough right? Wrong. One of the  most challenging aspects of setting up our clients to see YOUR home is the fact that the agent must be present for showings. Ugh! Really? 

One of the most challenging aspects of setting up showings is when the seller's agent must be present for showings

Let's look at some of the possible reasons...

Is it because you don't think the buyer's agent knows enough about your house/neighborhood/area?

Is it because you feel that your possesions will be at risk if your agent is not there?

Is it because you want your agent to "sell" the house while the client is in your home?

Is it because your agent has convinced you it is best if they are there during showings?

Let's talk about how this decision to require that the agent be present can effect your ability to sell your home.

1.  When setting up first time showings for a client, buyer's agents show not only homes that fit the buyer's wish list, but homes that are easy to show. Don't tell me I have to totally rearrange the schedule I have spent hours creating because your agent can't be there when I am in your area. Often times your home gets dropped from the showing list and another,similar one replaces it when this happens. 

2.  Don't think we know as much as your agent does about your home? Correct. However, if the buyer walks in and doesn't care for the layout or finishes, they don't care about the attributes of your home/neighborhood/area. Having your agent present to "sell" your home can hurt your chances of a second showing because they can distract the buyer with so many facts they can't focus on the home. 

3. Do you have such expensive possessions in your home that you feel the agent must be there acting as a security guard? Maybe your agent should have told you what I tell my sellers. If it can fit in a handbag and you don't want it to walk off, take it out of the home or pack it up. No agent can be everyhere every minute. The husband can be asking about the garage while the wife is rifling through your jewelry. And, by the way - that super expensive furniture- it's kind of hard to sneak a sofa out the door during a showing. 

4.  Has your agent tried to set themselves apart by telling you they will be at every showing? Awesome - Not! Savvy buyers do not need or want the seller's agent there. It creates an atmosphere of tension and uncomfortability.Buyers feel they can't talk frankly about the home while your agent is hovering. If they hate it,  they feel they have to censor their comments because the agent is there. If they like it they feel they have to keep their feelings quiet so they don't compromise their ability to negotiate should they offer on the home. More often than not the buyers complain about the seller's agent being present during a showing. 

Sure, the buyer is pleasant to your agent during the showing, but they are really annoyed with their presence and let me know about it after they leave your home. 

Guess what? We really do want to sell our buyers a home. If our buyers show some interest or have questions about your home we can use our handy cell phones to call and ask for more information from your agent. Help me help you. Don't make it hard to show your home. 

As recently as yesterday I was showing a home to a buyer when they mentioned a home around the corner they drove past that they might want to see. I looked it up and the smart , smart agent put in the confidential comments that their listing was EASY to show - just call and it could be made available on short notice. We were 5 minutes away and we were able to go in. I don't want to give too much informatio away in case the seller's agent reads this, but it is one of the top three!

Heather Feldman

Equity Real Estate Luxury Group

Park City Utah


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