14 Things to consider before buying a home

14 Things to consider before buying a home

Things to consider before buying a home in Park City Utah

Check out the link to an article from Realtor.com about what to think about before buying a home. Of course, it has all the regular considerations... get an inspection, check the utility bill history, check the taxes, etc. All good things. However, this article does not specifially address things to consider when buying a Mountain home in a ski town like Park City or Deer Valley. 

Driveways in a ski town are often overlooked as something to pay careful attentention to, especially if you are buying in the summer. An extremely steep driveway can be treacherous in a heavy snow year and can also be a factor for the next buyer of that home. 

Most of Park City sits at about 6500 to 7000 ft elevation...

Amount of snowfall. Most of Park City sits at about 6500 to 7000 ft elevation and even that 500 ft differential can mean several inches of snow during a storm. Consider your tolerance for shoveling and dealing with snowfall. Most will hire a snow service to come plow the driveway and clear sidewalks, but the higher in elevation you get the more snow you will have and the longer it will stick around. 

4 Wheel drive needed! In Park City our snow plows clear our roads beautifully and quickly. That doesn't mean they are always clear and dry. In a heavy storm ( the kind we pray for) snow can fall so quickly that the plows can't keep up and you would be smart to take your 4 wheel drive car out. One or all of the family cars should be all or 4 wheel drive preferrably with all terrain or snow tires for the winter. 

Park City Snowplow

For more information about what to consider when buying check out the Realtor.com article linked below or feel free to contact me at 435-731-0803

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14 Things to Consider When Buying a Home

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