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The Rental Application Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

guide to rental application park city utah

Finding a new rental apartment is an exciting challenge, but sometimes we all need a little help. After browsing hundreds of apartments online and finally finding the one you want, next comes the task of filling out the application. As with all things legalese, this is where you need to pay close attention to make sure you’re not missing any details that might cost you.

Although not all applications are the same and you should always go through the requirements for each specific rental, many follow a similar pattern. To help, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide for the application process.


rental application explained park city utah

First, prepare everything you’ll need for the application and start filling it out. The form will likely request personal information, such as your name, address, photo ID, contact information, employment and income information, emergency contacts, pets (if applicable), and background information.

Most properties also offer online applications, which makes it easier to access and provide the information. Be sure to read and complete every field carefully. If you’re moving in with roommates, all applicants must submit these forms separately.

Fees & Refunds

When you apply, you’ll have to pay an application fee, which basically covers the cost of your background and credit checks. Be sure to ask about any additional fees...

Living In Park City, Utah The Definitive Guide [2019]

park city utah definitive guide

Those who hail from Park City, Utah know that it is a haven for recreation. While it may be a popular tourist spot, what about those who are looking to relocate to this city? Here is our ultimate guide to living in Park City, Utah.

Where is Park City, Utah?

Utah is part of the western United States, and is bordered by Idaho to the north, Wyoming to the northeast, Colorado to the east, Arizona to the south, and Nevada to the west. 

Located in the Summit County of Utah, Park City is located about 40 minutes south of Salt Lake City. Its location makes it part of the Wasatch Back, which is a region of the Rocky Mountains. 

About Park City

Park City began as a mining town. But when the industry shut down, the city started to rebuild in the ’80s and ’90s as a recreational resort destination. Park City Ski Resort and the Canyons resort merged in 2015, which is now the largest ski area in the USA, with 17 slopes, 300 trails, 14 bowls and over 22 miles of lifts.

Because Park City, Utah has become such a destination, tourism brings in over $529 million a year to the Utah economy. They also host the Sundance Film Festival, which can account for $80 million. 

The Sundance Film Festival is held every winter in Park City. This festival hosts original filmmakers and audiences that come together to view original work, which usually includes dramas and documentaries, and many of these films become critically acclaimed. 

The estimated...

Does the Realtor you found on the internet sell in the area you are looking?

Does the Realtor you found on the internet really sell in the areas they say? How to find out and save yourself huge disappointment. 

You are like many internet searchers out there. You do a reasonable amount of searching - you research the area, the activities available, the schools, parks, property taxes, maybe even the restaurants. You even research to find the Realtor that looks to be the best for your needs. Their website says they serve your area...but do they?

There are no internet police determining whether Realtors actually have sold real estate in the areas they claim to service.

When Realtors create their websites they choose certain cities they clain to service. There are no internet police determining whether they actually know the areas , have made any sales in the areas or for that matter have ever even visited the areas they claim to service.  


I've seen it time and time again. Especially here in Park City Ut with America's Largest Ski Resort, Park City Mountain Resort. Realtors all over Utah have Park City on their list of areas they service. They want to sell that expensive home here just like the local Park City agents do. There's one problem - not only do some of these agents live 30-70+ miles away, they do not know the areas nor the neighborhood nuances. Most have never sold a home in Park City or Deer Valley and many of these Realtors do not even have access to the Park City MLS. 

I wish there was a little more truth and integrity in this industry. But until there is, the onus is on you, the buyer or seller to ask the right questions.

Asking questions can help ferret out the real local Park City Ut ( or any area) Realtors from the posers.

Here are a few questions  you can ask to help determine whether the Realtor you see online that looks so great is for real or just hoping you won't know the difference.  

  1. Ask them to describe...

Costly Mistakes Greedy Sellers Make

Greedy Sellers make costly mistakes

I see it every day. Our Park City Market is looking good. Really good. Homeowners decide it's time to take their equity out of their property and move up ..or down. Awesome idea, Right? 

Here is where the problem comes in - they see the home down the street sold for $xxxx. Wow. That's a great price. Mine must be worth $xxxx plus another $100,000. Maybe, but probably not. 

I am all for pushing the limits so sellers leave NO money on the table...

I am all for pushing the limits so sellers leave no money on the table, but there are limits to what the buyers will swallow. Say a home on your street of similar size, similar lot size was recently upgraded  and sold for $500 per sq ft. about a month ago. The market continues to increase, and your seller thinks that even though their home is not quite as nice and maybe their location is not quite as good, they want to list theirs at $600 per sq ft. Really? 

Most buyers have been watching the market via the internet or in person and know exactly what the house down the street looked like. They will have a hard time paying much more for your home even if it is of the exact same quality let alone if it is lesser quality. 

Don't make this costly mistake. Remember the old "Bird in the hand" adage? In theory this buyer is already excited about your neighborhood or they wouldn't be watching it. Buyers will wait until a better value comes along and grab that one. Don't get greedy and they will realize yours is a great opportunity and not an overpriced mistake. 

Want to know what your home is worth in Park City Utah? Call me today!


Ski, Ride and GRUV!

If you want to know the true indicator of Spring in Park gosh people! Don't look at the weather. Locals around here know that Spring has sprung when the Spring GRUV arrives in the Canyons Village at Park City Mountain Resort! This is a highly anticipated annual event and locals are crafting their costumes weeks, if not months, ahead of time. I can barely picture myself in a lime green morph suit, let alone be seen by hundreds of spectators skimming across a 100ft pond in one while wearing a beer helmet and donning a cardboard captain america shield, but that's exactly (or a close version of) what you're going to see at the Spring GRUV! Talk about an atmosphere that's sure to spark your spunky side, you can't help but become part of the festivities. I stood pond side for the last pond skimming contest and any funky character that was able to spray the crowd as they slid across the water got extra brownie points and plenty of beligerent cheers from the crowd...and that was the moment I could almost picture myself in a morph suit... but I opted for a beer and a little jammin' Steel Pulse. Mark your calenders for March 12th and make your way to the Canyons Village at Park City Mountain Resort for 2 weeks of Spring GRUV'in' 

See you there!


It Feels Like Spring in Park City

Spring is in the air! So, I'm wondering if maybe, just maybe that Puxsutawny Phil had it right this time OR is it just Mother Nature playing tricks again and soon we'll be blanketed again by Utah's best snow!

Regardless of the weather, there's no denying the days are getting longer and homes in every price range from $300,000 condos to million dollar slopeside mountain homes are starting to pop up on the market. And, whether you're a homeowner looking to sell or a buyer looking for a home in Park City now is the time to put your feelers out and focus on your future buying and or selling needs and wants. I can help with that! Call me for current market trends, statistics and listings available. 


2016 Ski & Snowboard Competitions Set to Fly this Weekend in Park City

2016 Ski & Snowboard Competitions Set to Fly in Park City

Rising film stars were so last week...we are moving onto rising athletes (and I'm not talking Superbowl!) as an action packed weekend is queued up for Park City and Deer Valley starting Wednesday February 3rd through the 6th. Two beloved and ever popular ski and snowboard competitions are flying and twisting their way in on the coat tails of the Sundance Film Festival. 

You can choose to visit the FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup hosted at Deer Valley Resort, which is always a crowd pleaser! All aerial and mogul competitions will be held under the lights at Deer Valley Resort, ushered in by a firework show and concert. No doubt this year's competition will include a special commeration and celebration of the late, great Stein Eriksen.

Or, if you'd prefer to head to Park City Mountain Resort you'll be amongst the crowd of ski and snowboard enthusiasts cheering on their favorite athlete at the 2016 US Snowboarding and Freeskiing Grand Prix which highlights the world's best ski and snowboard athletes in Park City's award winning "Eagle Super Pipe." 

Oh yea, and if it couldn't get any better...admission is free!


Park City Utah Prices are Rising and Market Statistics


Park City, Utah – January 26th, 2016

Summit and Wasatch County property prices rise at a steady market pace in 2015

At the end of the fourth quarter of 2015, the year-end statistics reported by the Park City Board of REALTORS® indicated a slow but consistent annual increase in both the number of closed sales and the median sales price for single family homes, condominiums and vacant lots in Summit and Wasatch Counties.The total dollar volume for 2015 was up 10% over 2014, reaching $1.85 billion, with single family homes sales accounting for the highest dollar volume by property type.

Single Family Home Sales

Within the City Limits (84060), the median sales price of a single family home was 17% higher than the year before, reaching almost $1.52 million, but the number of closed sales decreased by 12%.

By neighborhood, Old Town had the highest number of closed sales with a total of 52 with a 6% increase in median sales price to $1.31 million. Thaynes Canyon had the highest jump in median sales price – up 46% from 2014 to $1.82 million with a total of 11 closed sales for the year. Park Meadows had seven fewer sales than last year but the median sales price was up 11% to $1.44 million. In Prospector, the median sales price increased 6% to $740,000, but there were only 11 closed sales for the year (down 39%), which demonstrates how low inventory of active listings can affect the number of sales in certain neighborhoods.

“Higher median prices of homes within Park City Limits and lower number of unit sales is reflective of demand outpacing inventory."


Park City Utah - Sundance Film Festival 2016



Yes, it's that time again. The star studded Sundance Film Festival is a fabulous opportunity to step out into Park City, looking and feeling expensive and luxurious to part in first run movies, movies by new directors and writers and storytelling like available nowhere else. Is there an Oscar Winner out there? Maybe. But you'll never know if you don't watch. Don't forget to attend the parties too!

I'm not a movie afficianado,  I had chose one movie in each category I would like to see. Not necessarily for the artistic value but just because. 

See below for links to the different Sundance Film Festival 2016 categories AND movies that look interesting...


Goat - Just on the name you have to wonder if it's worth a watch, plus Nick Jonas is in it!


Bad Kids - One person making a huge difference in kids lives


Park City Ut Old Town New Construction - take a sneak peek!

Park City Old Town's New Construction is on fire!

New construction homes are few and far between. Take a sneak peek of 908 Woodside. This soon to be listed ski home is only 120 yards to the Town Lift run that takes you to the largest ski resort in the USA, plus an easy walk to Park City's Historic Main Street. It has everything you could ever want! 

View from the Rooftop Deck

This Old Town New Construction home will feature:

5 bedrooms, 4 baths

Sleeps 12

Modern clean lines with a warm feel


Stainless Steel Viking Appliances

Fully Furnished with design by CCG Howells Interior Design

1 Car Garage

Air conditioning

Audio system

Entertainment room

French Oak floors, Reconstituted Walnut cabinets ( very cool)

Granite and Quartz counters throughout


Front of home showcasing the heated driveway

Stainless steel tile accent in Bunk Room Bath.


Park City Utah and the 'Vail Effect'

Park City, Utah, Real Estate and the "Vail Effect" Has it changed our town?

This morning I saw a story KUTV posted  about the concern of Real Estate prices rising because of  "Vailienation" - meaning Vail's coming to town has caused Real Estate prices to rise and has priced out many of our locals. The story brought out quite a few negative comments about the growth. 

Yes, Vail coming to our ski town has changed things. Park City Utah is different from when I moved here 9 years ago, but it was also different in 2006 than it was when I first skied here in 1978 too. Growth happens. Anytime you have a super desirable place to live, people find out about it and it changes. 

Anytime you have a super desirable place to live like Park City, people find out about it and it changes and grows. 

Talk to your parents and grandparents about how things were at the beaches in California  20 or 30 years ago. My husband's parents tell stories of how they could have purchased land at Jamboree and Pacific Coast Highway - prime land in Newport Beach-  for $49,000 in the 70's when it was an orange grove. Things change. I grew up in Las Vegas back in the day where the Mob ruled, traffic was light and the town was relatively small. Not the same place it was when I lived there either. Things change. 

Has it really changed our real estate values? Sure. Areas that are close to the resort like Old Town in Park City proper or The Colony at Canyons - now known as Canyons Village at Park City, Park Meadows and a few more have really jumped in the last year or so and you will find homes in those areas valued at $100,000,000 to upwards of $500,000,000. But, did you know that homes under $500,000 are still available? Condos are available under $300,000? You may not be able to walk to the lift, your drive to the resorts may be 6-10 minutes. 

Do you realize what that means to be able to...

There is only one Park City Mountain

Published on Jul 29, 2015

Park City Mountain Resort and Canyons Resort have combined to create the largest single ski and snowboard resort in the United States.

A new 8 passenger gondola connection, along with the new King Con Express six-pack and Motherlode Express Quad make up just some of the improvements totaling over $50 million for the 2015-16 season. With over 7,300 acres, 300+ trails, 38 lifts, seven terrain parks, six natural half pipes, one super pipe and one mini pipe, plus many diverse ski-in/ski-out and village adjacent lodging properties, Park City is an easily accessible, world-class mountain destination located in an authentic and historic western town.

There is only one largest resort in the United States

There is only one mountain uniting 17 peaks of unmatched possibility.

There is only one legendary ski town.

There is only one place you are meant to be.

There is only one. Park City.


Sellers- Do you want to sell your home or not?

Sellers - Do you want to sell your home or not?

I haven't written in a while but this subject has been driving me crazy for quite a while. OK - here we go!

Sellers, do you know what it takes for the Buyer's agent to set up a weekend of showings for a client ?

We agents search through sometimes hundreds of listings to dial down the best choices for our client based on their desires, compile that list  set up a showing schedule geographically and  design it to not overwhelm the client, and  try to figure out how much time the client will want to spend in each home to make sure the day flows properly. 

Not so tough right? Wrong. One of the  most challenging aspects of setting up our clients to see YOUR home is the fact that the agent must be present for showings. Ugh! Really? 

One of the most challenging aspects of setting up showings is when the seller's agent must be present for showings

Let's look at some of the possible reasons...

Is it because you don't think the buyer's agent knows enough about your house/neighborhood/area?

Is it because you feel that your possesions will be at risk if your agent is not there?

Is it because you want your agent to "sell" the house while the client is in your home?

Is it because your agent has convinced you it is best if they are there during showings?

Let's talk about how this decision to require that the agent be present can effect your ability to sell your home.

1.  When setting up first time showings for a client, buyer's agents show not only homes that fit the buyer's wish list, but homes that are easy to show. Don't tell me I have to totally rearrange the schedule I have spent hours creating because your agent can't be there when I am in your area. Often times your home gets dropped from the showing...

Park City Mountain 2015/2016 Preview video

Exciting to watch history unfold here in Park City. 

Big changes at Park City Mountain Resort for 2015/2016


Call me to view properties in Old Town Park City - Get your piece of history now. 

Heather Feldman



Park City 4th Quarter Real Estate Stats

January 23, 2015
For further information, contact Park City Board of REALTORS®

Park City, Utah – January 23, 2015 – Highest 4th Quarter sales since Q4 of 2005 with inventory at a new low

Though the total number of closed sales, including single family homes, condominiums and vacant land, within the Greater Park City Area at year-end was slightly lower than 2013, total dollar volume was 8.7% higher and the median sales price was 5.5% higher, according to the Park City Board of REALTORS®. Led by a spike in condominiums sales, the number of closed transactions across the Park City MLS in the fourth quarter of 2014, marked the highest number of fourth quarter sales since 2005.

Condominium SalesThe big news of Q4 was the huge jump in number of pended sales in October creating a rush of closed sales in the last quarter of 2014, culminating in a 49% increase over 2013. The number of condominium sales for the entire market area at quarter end was 808, which is 10% higher than last year’s number. Condominium sales in Park City Proper bounded ahead of last year’s number, as well in Q2 and Q3 of this year, to end 2014 with 376 sales – up 6%. The median price of $542,450 was 5% higher than last year’s number.

By area, Old Town had the highest number of condominium sales at 166 – a 6% increase – with a median sales price reaching $390,000. Board President, Nancy Tallman shares, “There was a definite uptick of 4th quarter condominium sales near the base of PCMR. We can't be sure whether this is the so-called ‘Vail Effect’ or just the settlement of the lawsuit and the certainty that the resort would be open this season. Whatever the reason, the sales speak for themselves.” Two other areas of interest include Empire Pass with 37 condominium sales, up 68% from last year, with a median price of $2.8 million, and Park Meadows which dipped 13% in the number of sales but soared 40% in median price...

6030 Mountain Ranch Dr, Park City Utah

6030 Mountain Ranch Dr, Park City Utah 84098

Upper Mountain Ranch with breathtaking, unobstructed views of Canyons ski resort.  Beautiful architecture with a family friendly  floorplan while offering rustic but luxurious finishes.  Wonderful entertaining home with large great room, front deck and rear patio. Theatre room in the expansive lower level with billiard room, wine cellar and wet bar.  5 bedroom, 4.5 baths , with two office/flex spaces.  Designer features include Wolf appliances, hardwood floors, massive great room stone fireplace. Granite and a generous use of stone throughout with bronze and glass tile accents.  Trails right outside your door. Minutes from all 3 ski resorts.  Buyer to verify all information to their satisfaction.Call me for more information

Heather Feldman

Equity Real Estate Luxury Group



Buying a Home to Renovate Can be a True Bargain…or Not!

Buying a Home to Renovate Can be a True Bargain…or Not!


For many decades, Hollywood has made box office gold creating comic films about the hilarious possibilities that nightmarish house remodels present: from Mr. Blandings Builds his Dream House to The Money Pit (and even Under the Tuscan Sun), audiences delight in the shifty tradesmen and rotting timbers that define the genre.

If you’re an energetic Do-it-Yourselfer without much remodeling experience, Job One is to gather professional opinions to minimize the likelihood of costly discoveries. But before you even get that far, there are some general concepts that veteran turnaround investors know. These are disqualifiers that make it much more likely that buying a home in Park City Utah will be a shrewd investment instead of dollar demolisher.

 Bad house, bad neighborhood

Is it worth buying a fixer-upper in a rundown or otherwise somewhat undesirable neighborhood? It can be tempting—especially when the asking price makes buying such a home a seemingly unbelievable value. But ignoring the ‘location, location, location’ truism is risky business. In many cases, such an investment may yield a diamond in the mud—a renewed structure that will never rise in value until the whole neighborhood rises in value (which could be never). Safer choices will be found in neighborhoods that don’t need remodeling themselves.

Bad house, good intentions

Buying a home in Park City Ut—especially when the neighborhood is fine and the price is more than right—can give rise to overly emotional decision-making. It can be tempting, when a property is almost okay, to make an instantaneous decision…but if you find yourself making excuses for this or that drawback, or finding yourself indulging in a bit of wishful thinking here and there, take a breath! Hopeful eyes may easily transform to fixer-uppers into mansions, but...